Ascian Operations

This consultancy has been based on very strong foundations and principles, we have always believed that experience once obtained regardless of the means, is invaluable and can clearly guide another if he or she is travelling along a similar path. With this in mind we laid the foundation of Ascian Operations on the invaluable commodity that is experience. However, we also keep in mind that the prime essence of a consultancy lies on factors such as speed and accuracy. So, Ascian Operations was born with the factors of speed, accuracy and expertise, thus our motto Effective and Efficient.

Upgradation of existing facilities

Consultancy for lean manufacturing based on Toyota management system. KanBan, Kaizen, small group activities and suggestion schemes.

Complete project implementation and management

Conceptualization and project report development, Planning, Layout and master plan generation.

New Business Development

Identifying, developing and providing consultancy to manage new business or products from China, Taiwan, Thailand and other low cost countries..

Supply Chain Management

Strategy for vendor development, education, upgradation, End to end and lean supply chain, SAP based material planning..