Ascian Celebrity

It is really a struggle to be a new celebrity in today's age in our country, on top of that if you have to also handle your online presence and PR it becomes a bigger task. Ascian promises that we shall do that for you, be it online presence or talking for shows and gigs leave that to us.

With an experienced team, who have handled over 10 singers, 15 models, and 15 actors till date, we can promise you great results at affordable prices, with over 15 studious, 11 agencies, 19 pubs as our partners, and having a full in house team for multiple complementary services you can just come to us and perform.

Digital Portfolio Management

We manage A-Z of how you are perceived on the digital media.

Photography / Video Portfolio

Portfolio, Headshots, Photoshoots, short films we do it all for you.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, package for all.

Connecting to the network

Sometimes all it takes is a network.