Social Media Decoded : Tools to up your game

In 21st century along with fast moving goods and transport, time has started to move faster too. It’s really difficult to keep up with everything. Our mind is so much pre occupied that it becomes a challenge to remember important dates and events. Getting through every day by managing everything and remembering the important is a really difficult task to be done on your own. Technology has provided different tools that help one organize social media content. By using these tools you will know when to post, the caption, editing of the picture and analysis wouldn’t be a difficult task anymore.

Planner helps you not only remind but also work as an outstanding tool for time management. If you are ever stressed with all the works that you have and how you are going to meet the upcoming deadline. You can use the planner to help you with it. Be it any task related to your professional life, personal life or even just a relaxation time.
Planner will surely streamline everything. With calendar you will get remainders about the posts that you need to post and hence wouldn’t result into delays. Some Examples can be Trello, Asana, Google Calender etc

Scheduler helps you save your time and gives a higher return of interest. It helps push out more connect to the target audience giving your more time to connect with your audience and to work gain more followers. In order to have effective social media marketing one doesn’t always need a complex plan. Simple ones work just fine. Some Examples can be Buffer, Hootsuite etc.

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The design tool if used correctly can attract a lot of audience and surely can execute your goal perfectly. People often believe what they see, showing something which is likable and is appealing to eyes does gets a lot of work done. Some Examples can be Canva, Adobe Spark Etc

Content manager is one another tool you need to manage your social media content. By using this app you won’t have to appoint someone to do it. You can to do it yourself. By using this app you can manage and develop activities on core social media channels. It also helps understand how social media works and hence change your method accordingly in order to meet your objective.

Analytics is a major part of your social media management. It tells if you are heading in the right way or not. Analytics helps you get to know what the audience likes. The content you are creating is attracting how many audiences and is liked by whom. Google Analytics works best in most cases, or you can use in app analytics for facebook and instagram

All these application can surely make your experience of managing social media content an amazing one and something that would give you better results in less efforts, input and time investment.

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