5 tools to make graphic posts for your brand

With time everything has evolved. Technology has provided various new methods to express and to be creative. Now when it comes to designing you don’t really have to look for a brush, colors, paper and shading pencils. There are various applications and software for that now.
Graphic designing is a trendy tool now, not just for your interest but has also become a necessity in your business. Designing the logo, brochure, hoardings, magazines, and creating an entire website, graphic design plays a crucial role to give the best output. The perfection and details one can get through these software isn’t that easy to be done by hand. It is time conserving and techno- saving.

Canva graphics is used not only by professionals but also by the people who are keen to learn. It has simple features and is very easy to be used by its drag- and- drop format. It provides access to photographs, graphics as well as fonts. It comes for 900 Rs on monthly basis.

Adobe spark is designed not only for computers or laptop but its format also supports the mobile, hence giving the user a freedom to use it on any medium of their choice and convenience. It gives you a freedom to not only work with pictures but with videos as well. It comes on a monthly plan of 676 Rs.

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphic editor which can be used on MAC OS and windows. It supports editing and rendering of texts, vector graphics, 3D graphics and video. It is widely used to the extent that Photoshop has become a term. It costs around 1,420 Rs. Per month.

Coral draw, which is widely used by the students to design, be it a newspaper, a brochure or a logo of a company. Coral draw is very convenient and easy to be handled, it however doesn’t support and other operating system then the windows. It comes for 32,000 Rs. Approx.

Adobe InDesign is mainly use to create posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books, and ebooks. The main user of this software is graphic designers and production artists. Adobe InDesign also supports markup language which provides the facility of transfer of tagged text content for use in other digital and online format. There are a lot of languages in which it can be used. It is available at a price of 1,500 approx.

All these softwares are useful for events, projects, photography and almost useful in every profession. Be it modeling or writing. Audience often get attracted to what they see and in order to create something attractive these graphic designing software work as an excellent tool.

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