Humans now dominate the earth and have done to it some irreparable changes. They have threatened the very existence of life itself. Our planet is in grave danger. We’ve moved too far on the path of development without any judiciousness about the future. Humanity’s impact on the Earth’s ecosystems is inevitable. Our actions on changing things on a global scale and that is a reason enough for us to be concerned about how we are doing things. Sustainability should be high on our priority lists rather than development without care for the provider; nature.

Climate change is not a new thing and the phenomena linked to it are ancient now. A collective effort is required to prevent any further damage to the planet that shelters us The climate pact 2k15 has recognized the need for unification of laws for applicability in all countries. It describes these laws in terms of global annual emission levels of greenhouse gases and also acknowledges the specific needs and concerns of developing countries and the need to promote universal access to sustainable energy. It has set The deal was a result of four years of negotiations on how to get nearly all countries to jointly participate in the save and could be a turning point in the struggle to contain climate change. Our planet seems to be hanging on the brink of collapse and needs to be rescued.

A few highlights of the climate pact include

There is no distinct line of separation between developed and developing countries as such these days, but the climate pact does reflect the capabilities of some rich and some poor countries. Different countries had different views to present in the meet. India, being a developing nation, made sure to include some leeway for its kind. India wished that the rather developed countries could provide clean technology free of intellectual property rights but had to reluctantly agree on accomplishing a few goals with a majority of nations’ support.

“Together, we’ve shown what’s possible when the world stands as one.” said American president Obama. The climate pact would seem like a great achievement to us while considering our lives in future, but the defeated are those in the fossil industry. A large number of nations have signaled an end to the fossil fuel era with ambitious goals set to limit temperature rises.

The climate pact has yielded a long list of questions. How fast can emissions be reduced with the ever-growing requirements of man? How can all the business strategies so immediately be structured to meet the new goals? What will happen to the fossil fuel industries? and these questions remain unanswered for now. It is believed that harmony between nature and human beings will return. And with so many people in the world, a united effort will surely change the world for the better.


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