India is the most populous democracy. Caption that! How has it managed to attain a consensus of so many opinions? That’s something to wonder about. Maybe things aren’t as perfect as they seem to be, or rather, are expected to be in a democracy. The minds that dwell in the nation are longing for a change; majorly in the laws that govern them. Change seems to be inducible these days. One man stands up for a cause, a thousand join him. Then, a line is drawn and you are expected to be on either sides; either support the cause or go against it. People are judged by the choice they make. Stereotypes come into existence. Consider this an SOP for any legal dispute in our nation.

Not contradicting this at all comes the recent case concerning Kanhaiya, president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union. If you support him, you are said to be anti-national, while if you support our PM Mr. Narendra Modi, you are intolerant! There have been two videos going viral on social media; one is a talk by Anupam Kher who is seen to support our government in the video and the other has in it, Barkha Dutt talking to Kanhaiya where there is evidence for support for Kanhaiya. There are hence two different sets of people people, based on who shares which video, online. Let us accept the fact that some of them have done it just for showing off their admiration for great oratory skills! But then, there is one other group of people sharing memes of “Pappu” and pictures of their relationship goals; the unaware! These are the ones who need to know that the consequences of these kinds of disputes are capable of eating them up wholly.

Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested on sedition charges over a controversial event on the campus where anti-national slogans were allegedly raised. Retired soldiers led a counter-rally christened ‘March for Unity’ to protest that. “I have seen people dying for integrity of the nation and I won’t allow a group of posh students sitting in their comfort zones talking about breaking the country,” Captain Alok Bansal said.

What is happening in our country? This incident is elsewhere being referred to as a new, ugly face of Modi’s India! Modi’s India? Not sure why it doesn’t belong to the people who live here; to the people who chose to be on either sides of the dispute. We people need to discover a new method to get out of such potholes formed by the erosion of thoughtfulness. It shouldn’t at all be about taking sides! It’s not about fight-or-accept-defeat-situations! It is about presenting opinions and consolidating a peaceful future for the country.


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