And finally we Indians are going to be able to use that phrase for real. Hasn’t this always been on our wish list? Netflix has created potato couches all over the world. And now has reached India too. But hey! Would you really wish to pay to be one?

Netflix has finally been officially launched in India. When it comes to India-specific content, this is how netflix fares. It works on pretty simple lines. You get to use it free for one month (an offer valid only till the 29th of Feb). That will count as your trial month after which u pay 500 rupees per month if you indeed wish to continue netflixing. This is for the base plan with a single screen experience and no HD playback. While the pricing is in line with Netflix’s global strategy, it may not necessarily be right for India. This has ties  with the Indian mindset. People here are not used to paying for content online. And hence, another issue that Netflix might have to contend with is the constant struggle here for net neutrality.

With the overwhelming response netflix has received in our country in the initial days, presuming that you’ve already started your free trial, you would have noticed that the options of shows we have here is pretty narrowed down compared to the wide range offered in the US. Netflix has a surprisingly large range of Indian movies. But, as found through comparitive studies, there are sites which rack up approximately 25% of the top bollywood movies like Spuul and Hooq while Netflix offers only about 3%. Netflix’s strategy for now is focused on what it is best at: Hollywood movies. While globally it has taken to heart the importance of local content, in India, it is still work in progress.

Whether or not it is going to be supported by the customers it has been acquiring here is yet to be found out, but with the constant changes the site is making it has definitely expressed its intent for the region.


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