This year’s INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW is currently being held in FRANKFURT .

The event kicked off on 17 September 2015 and will end on 27 September 2015.

With the last show in FRANKFURT having visitors around 1 million , this year’s show is going to beat that record for sure .

The FRANKFURT motor show primarily showcases “passenger vehicles” .

With constant evolution in motor industry , the show is a sum up of “INNOVATION ” and “CREATIVITY ”.

The major exhibitors in the show include Lamborghini , Ferrari , Jaguar , BMW ,Mercedes , Bugatti , Audi , Porsche , Bentley , Ford , Hyundai , Fiat , Suzuki , Toyota ,Volkswagen , Nissan and many more.


Few glimpses of the show……………

1. Jaguar F-Face Crossover (2017)

Jaguar finally enters the SUV market with the new F-Pace, which jaguar-c-x17-concept-frankfurt-2013-1-1represents a distinctly sporty take on the entry- luxury crossover. The F-Face comes with 113.1-inch wheelbase; optional 22-inch wheels; and LED lighting assemblies. For reference, the F-Pace is 3.7 inches longer, 1.5 inches wider, and 0.4 inch taller than an Audi Q5 , comes with an impressive engine under the hood with 3 Litre V-6 or 2-Liter Diesel 4 cylinder which shoots from zero-to-100 kmph in just 8.2 seconds.


2. AUDI S4 :

The Audi has revealed its new and wilder version of S4 .2017-Audi-S4-201-876x5351
The engine is entirely new, turbocharged engine generation that will
replace the current V-6 engine with 354 horsepower . 18-inch wheels are standard .
The S4 sits 0.9 inch lower than the standard A4, and it comes standard with a sport suspension . The sprint from zero to 100 kmph now takes 4.7 seconds according to Audi.
Prices should start around  $50,000 .


3.  2017 Volkswagen Tiguan  

Volkswagen finally presents a brand new compact SUV . This car is priced 2017 Volkswagen Tiguantoo high to compete in the market. But to justify the price it comes with whole lot of features.
That includes safety , 20-inch wheels to the Tiguan for the first time. 4MOTION all wheel drive coupling and stability-control-based “electronic differential locks.” An
Active Control dial offers four drive modes for various driving conditions.


# Other cars include Bentley Bentayga, Hyundai Avante, Lamborghini Huracan .




1. Porsche Mission E Concept: Charging for the Tesla P90D

This concept car has an outstanding charging system . Mission E carries some
impressive, if imaginary, stats: zero to 100 kmph in less than 3.5 seconds, 310 miles of
all-electric range, and a platform that vectors 600 horses to all four wheels.

porsche back porsche sideThis concept will recharge its battery to 80-percent full after just 15 minutes, providing around 250 miles of range. That handily beats Tesla’s Supercharger, which takes 30minutes to add about 170 miles’ worth of juice. The trick? Porsche’s conceptual system uses 800 volts, versus the 480 that come from a Supercharger plug (or the paltry 120

that powers your flat-screen TV).

2. Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA


?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????back merc

An eight-segment active aerodynamic tail extends automatically at 50 mph, extending a boat tail 15 inches to therear; flaps in the front bumper grow an inch forward and nearly an inch to the rear, further enhancing airflow. “Optical finger navigation” allows the driver to keep eyes on the road while operating the vehicle’s infotainment and assistance systems.


# Other concept cars include
Audi qe-tron concept , Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo ; Citroen Cactus M ; Honda Project 2&4 ; Mazda Koeru

mazda-koeru-13 2015-honda-2-4-at-frankfurt-cover buggati Audi at the 2015 IAA


These were some of the major and the best showcases of the FRANKFURT MOTOR
SHOW 2015 . These toys are nothing but

a complete blend of Engineering, Innovation, Creativity And a whole lot of CRAZINESS.




                                                                                                                                                                      Written and Posted by

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