Client Name : Gapoon

Timeline for work : 3 months

Work Type : Google Advertisements

Secondary Work : SSL and Blog Management

Problem : The Company approached us after 6 months into their operations, they had just received a funding and were really trying to push covertions on their sites via social media sharing and micro-blogging, they had close to 12% conversion ratio when they approached us, they had reach based ads running on Facebook while no ads running on google and a dysfunctional blog on a WordPress domain ( and were clocking close to 15 hits a day.

Solution : We created a google advertisement campaign with 25 keywords (rotational basis) aiming for both conversions and outreach, it was a city centrist campaign focusing on Bangalore city only,  we started off with daily impression of 1700 (per day) and close to 19 click (per day)  for the first week on an average, but then we worked on removing negative search parameters and coming up unique bid prices for every keyword to enhance its placement and make every click count, from there on we saw 3000 impressions ( per day ) with a weekly average growth of 5 % on impressions, while we had close to 30 clicks (per day) with a weekly growth of 10 % till it reached an optimum.
The website saw a growth of 136% in its daily traffic, with close to 85% increase in its sales, with gapoon also being listed as no 1 on google for 11 key words for the period of the campaign


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