With this amazing year coming to an end, lets take a look at the hot topics, amazing deals and technological breakthroughs of this year. Why not first talk about the sad parts and leave them behind moving on with amazing things to treasure in our minds?

We look back at the global spread of jihadi ideology and terror, tensions in international relations and a glimpse of hope in efforts to tackle climate change as we look at the year 2015. The year started with depressed indian fans posting about India’s loss in the world cup semi finals.

There took place the death of two important men in our country. A hero; Dr.Abdul Kalam, who was definitely a personality to admire and the other probably a villain then? Yakub Memon who was hung by the government for being guilty of having assisted his brother in killing innocent people!

Good things did happen. Moments that make us smile or even giggle a bit.

Modi has probably stroked ‘traveling round the world’ off his bucket list already! Wonder what he wishes for in the upcoming year

NASA confirmed the presence of flowing water on Mars lately this year! This was probably one of the most amusing discoveries in the history of mankind. Who wouldn’t like knowing that they now have a new home? (Kidding!)

November this year saw the completion of 100 years of Einstein’s theory of relativity. Though there are new theories like the string theory being proposed, no scientist has been able to disprove this existing theory for unification of laws of nature.

The release of some of the most amazing movies like Spectre and Star wars in hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters like Bajirao Mastani which has nevertheless been Bhansali’s most beautiful and political film ever!

Oh and of course! Youtube spotlight has uploaded, as a tradition, its ‘youtube rewind’ video for 2015! The last thing we could wish for in 2015 is for them to have included Psy’s most epic song of the year! It will definitely pricks you a little on the inside to know it wasn’t!


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